Pipe Smoking Memories . . .

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For the last few years of his life, my father-in-law lived in a veterans' home near Montreal. We would visit him several times a year. He had smoked pipes and cigars for most of his life. A particularly pleasant memory for me would be those occasions when I would wheel him about the grounds in a wheelchair. He would, of course, bring out the pipe. Earlier on this particular day, he had been smoking a cigar but had not finished it. So he pulled out his well-used, ancient pipe, stuck the cigar butt in the bowl, and lit 'er up. I looked on in astonishment. A pipe smoker myself, I was about to suggest that it just didn't seem good for the flavor of the pipe. He knew what I was about to say. He simply winked and waved us forward. We walked on. The smell remains in my memory to this day. It was delightful.
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Great thread. I really enjoy reading these. I have been told I had relatives who smoked a pipe but they all passed before I knew them. So my best one is this:

I picked up pipe smoking between my first and second deployment. I only had six months between so I absorbed as much as I could between youtube and PSF. I fell off the original PSF shortly after I left, not returning until the site was on the verge of collapse.

Anyhow, I took a few pipes and 3-4 blends with me. I don’t remember the blends and only remember 1 pipe. My first briar pipe, a Dr. Grabow Savoy. We worked Noon-Midnight out in the 120-130 degree heat everyday, I am an Aircraft Mechanic so we worked outside in the heat all day usually. High humidity. After worked I would head to the smoke pit around 0100 I assume. I would light my Dr. Grabow and read Moby Dick most nights. I never finished the book but the parts I did read were amazing. Really fantastic book. I made it round half way. That was wonderful. That deployment was hell.

I ordered my first Peterson from SPC and it arrived in less than 2 weeks out there. Peterson 106 Killarny. I found I didn’t like straight billiards at that time.

I left the pipe for a few years after I returned and picked it back up in 2020.
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