Public Piping

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houtenziel wrote:
Mon May 27, 2019 8:34 pm
Also pretty much never smoke in public, mostly because I avoid public in general. Smoking is a happy, peaceful thing for me, and I prefer to do it alone. I sometimes make my boys go inside so I can enjoy nature in relative peace while i have a bowl in the back yard.
Yup! I take the dogs out back with me, watch the birds attack the bird feeder and the cattle meander along the back fence. The back deck is my sanctuary. ;) :D
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unregistered2avidMr BeardsleyMaynard
... and you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!
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I smoke all the time and anywhere I go. I will, if I am in close quarters with other people, ask if others mind if I smoke my pipe? I have yet to have anyone say that they do though I do get a lot of questions/comments about "A Pipe? Really?? What tobacco do you smoke? My granddad used to smoke one of those!"
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I only smoke outdoors, mostly while walking my dog. No complaints yet.
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I smoke in public as much as possible, but it depends on what I'm doing: a quick drive to the store? no pipe. Going out with friends? pipe. I don't often take a pipe to work and rarely if ever on bike rides. I've never taken one kayaking until the other day... that was pretty cool! I think I'll start taking a pipe to more places.
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When I first read this thread heading I thought it said Public Hanging. :lol:
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Kevin Keith wrote:
Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:22 am
When I first read this thread heading I thought it said Public Hanging. :lol:
I think that one would belong in the "what's your wild dream" thread :lol:
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Kevin KeithMaynard
"Sleeping bags on the floor, a roaring fire. It’ll be just like the time they kicked me out of the sporting goods store." Homer J Simpson
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Kevin Keith wrote:
Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:22 am
When I first read this thread heading I thought it said Public Hanging. :lol:
I'm sure there are people who would want a public hanging when they see someone smoking in public.
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I light up whenever I hit the road for a lengthy drive, and I don't hide it at all. I flaunt that thing like 24K gold teeth.

Funny, I don't really expect much reaction to my pipe, but I still find myself secretly disappointed when I don't get a thumbs up from an old-timer passing by. 8-)
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avid wrote:
Mon May 27, 2019 11:08 am
Randomn thoughts...the topic comes up occasionally. I have only one acquaintance I see on a regular basis who knows I smoke a pipe. When not out of town, my pipe never leaves the basement or lounge. Even while away, the kit I take with me sometimes returns home intact.

However, recently up on the island I did ask the proprietors, a couple, of the Cloughan B & B, whether smoking was permitted anywhere on the premises. Since the hubby did have a noticeable cigarette odor about him, even though there were no ash trays on the porch, I wasn't completely surprised on learning they were OK with it. (Wife immediately asked him whether there were any ash trays out there.) Later as I sat on the stairs, he did indeed exit the front door lighting up, glancing curiously at me to see what I was up to. The next morning there was an ash tray on a table next to the porch chairs. Can't seem to post a link to the place.

Then the time I headed up to the hotel with a pipe going, generally down wind, a few young ladies, nodded and smiled approvingly. Maybe I should try it more often.
At our place people can always smoke no the balconies and in the back garden. Very few people do but there are antique glass ashtrays out there. I used to have the dollar store ashtrays but I figure if you're paying good money, the least I can do is go to the antique store and buy a $5-$10 ashtray that. looks nice. On some balconies I have the free cigar ashtrays I get when I place 'big' orders.

When we opened seven years ago we had more guests that smoked. Nowadays, maybe once every two months we'll get one couple who smokes (if one smokes the other one usually does, too). As long as you keep the window entrance to balcony closed when you're smoking, I don't care. You should keep the windows closed most of the time, anyway, because I am either running the heat or the air conditioner. In New Orleans, people prefer the air conditioning to open windows most of the time.
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sisyphus wrote:
Mon May 27, 2019 11:43 am
I'm a firm believer in smoking everywhere. The universal demonization of tobacco occurred solely on the basis that it costs the insurance industry a ton of money and is a glaring example of how we've allowed the ruling class to condition us to support their agenda even when it goes against our own best interests. Mexico is a fantastic country, they'll bring an ashtray to your table at the restaurant.
No truer words. I grew up in North Carolina "Golden Leaf" country and worked tobacco all my life until I joined the Army. "Real" tobacco is pretty much harmless when used in moderation. It's the chemicals and additives and carcinogens that's put on it that kills people. My father died from a lymphoma attributed to malathion. I remember watching him as a kid pour the 5 gallon can into the water barrel and stir it up by rolling up his sleeve and swishing it all around with his bare arm. I never saw the logic behind smoking something soaked in Agent Orange and thinking it is "safe". From my understanding of research at UNC on the subject years ago, carcinogens sprayed on tobacco is never "gone", it's absorbed into the cells of the leaf and remains. The only exception I believe if is you spray it and it rains right afterwards and washes it away before it can be absorbed into the leaf. That's why we never sprayed when the forecast was calling for rain. The tobacco we smoke today isn't the same tobacco my grandpa raised on his farm.

The "war on tobacco" is nothing more than insurance lobbying in Congress so they can cut their expenses and have a higher profit margin. That need to cut payouts was created by pesticides and herbicides. I remember helping my grandfather "top and sucker" tobacco, and remember walking down the rows all day hoeing the weeds by hand. Todays farmers don't want that manual labor and it's easier to dump hundreds of gallons of carcinogens on it to control the suckers and pests and weeds instead of suckering and topping and hoeing by hand.

I had two great-uncles who each smoked a pack of non-filtered Camels every day of their life. If tobacco really was as dangerous as the insurance companies want you to believe, they both wouldn't have lived into their 90's. Of course, back then they were smoking cigarettes that weren't laced with pesticides and chemicals and additives designed to get you addicted.
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