SG Grousemoor....Thumbs Up or Down?

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Never tried Grousemoore, but the other Lakeland's stuff I tried wasn't fer me. Whew.
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always wanted to try lakeland, but then maybe i already have
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I'd never seen an SG blend until about 97 . I tried Grousemoor then and about freaked . Didn't try another SG blend for some years . They do have some blends I enjoy but that isn't one of them
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Just cracked a fresh tin.. I love this flowery weirdness! It's good to shake up the tastebuds now and then. I like to smoke mild blends and odd aromatics to keep a well rounded palate. If I only smoked full bodied nic heavy lat bomb booty burly bodacious hardcore punishing poppycock all the time... That would be boring! I say variety is the spice of life.. It's nice to be able to smell the roses.. The little softer nuanced deliciousness. 😃
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