Dusting off the pipes

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I'm Marc (BoyScout) and I'm sitting here looking at my old collection of pipes. Haven't blown the dust off them in awhile, even have some tobacco here that looks drier than the dust on the pipes! Been craving a good smoke and the chance to just sit quietly with my pipe and maybe a nice glass of scotch. Winter is coming and it's the right time of year for a good pipe and some nice tobacco.
I live in New Brunswick, Canada and I was just a newbie at smoking a pipe when my life kind of changed and they just got put aside for a bit. I know I ended up liking burley, English blends (latakia!!) and I was really loving the flavours that perique brought to the table. I'm not living in the best location so having a good tobacconist isn't one of my options. Any suggestions on good, quality shops that ship within Canada?
Anyways, I hope this message finds you all doing great and if you ever make it up here to my corner of the Great White North, than I'll light the smoking lamp, pour you a couple of fingers and trade some stories!
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Welcome to PSF Marc!
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Glad to have ya here!
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Glad you are here!
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Welcome to PSF!

I wouldn't know about companies within Canada, but I do know that Cup O' Joes can and does ship tobacco to Canada. I ordered a few tins for a friend up north this past summer and he received them quickly and with no hassles. It may be that the value of the shipment was too low to trigger an import tax request.

Happy smokes, brother!
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Welcome to the best place on the interwebz!
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I was a member of the original PSF, many moons ago. I actually remember posts by Mr. Moo and one of the members here sent me a "care package" of samples that really allowed me to do a great taste tasting of pipe tobacco!
I'm glad to be back and glad to see that PSF reincarnated and is still as welcoming as it was way back when.
As I said, if you're ever in my neck of the woods I have an extra pipe and I'll make sure to have a dram or two and a bowl or two to share!
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Greetings and Salutations
From the Springfield Plateau
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Welcome to psf ! Dust those suckers off and light up
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