Another pipe cleaner kerfuffle.

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Whalehead King

Once upon a time, my mother and nephew came to visit. My mother got into my pipe cleaner box and showed my nephew how she used to make pipe cleaner men when she was a girl----pipe cleaners were their toys. My nephew, who was 13 at the time, was non-plussed.

I am non-plussed with my straight bristly pipe cleaners. I hate them. I have no more at hand though I am sure there is another package of them lurking around somewhere, waiting to be discovered. In my regular kit I have one (1) tapered bristly pipe cleaner from a sample pack (I hate it), one blue-and-white-striped cotton pipe cleaner (I love it) and a very slender cotton pipe cleaner that I think is a Falcon cleaner.

I like the slender pipe cleaner. It's graceful. My days could use more grace in them. It's not much use though unless I want to run a pipe cleaner through the stem of a Falcon.

I have some churchwarden pipe cleaners that are also cotton. They're fluffy. They come in different colors. These are not craft pipe cleaners from Michaels. They are fully functional. Their decorative potential is an accident. They are not made for making pipe cleaner villages. I don't like them so much. Then, again, I don't like smoking a churchwarden pipe very much. It's no wonder these long pipe cleaners have been in my accoutrement arsenal for as long as they have.

The simple BJ Long, despite its unfortunate name, is the go-to pipe cleaner for me. Don't ask for them in a foreign country. "I want BJ Long," means something different in other contexts, Doughboy. Be careful what you wish for. Me? I like BJ Long pipe cleaners. That's the brand for me.

I know there is another brand of good pipe cleaners but I can't think of it. If I can't remember it, it can't be that good.
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BJ Longs are good but since Dills are available right up the street I use those instead.
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Whalehead King

Bruyere_Royale wrote: ↑
Sun Dec 01, 2019 5:18 pm
BJ Longs are good but since Dills are available right up the street I use those instead.
That would be a point in their favor for me, too.
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which cost more oh never mind...LOL
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BJ Long. One can’t have too many.
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"I'm going out to buy a a pack of fags"....means something very different in New York City. I often smile, like a 15 year old boy, when I buy a packet of BJ Long pipe-cleaners.
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