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Dr Uhaha
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Does anyone prefer smoking estate pipes with the original stinger in place? Find I don't enjoy the restriction.
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I love my YB Pug and old threaded tenon Grabows/Kaywoodies with stingers. I like a little resistance though.. keeps me from stoking the furnace too much. I also tend to like small French pipes with tiny airways.. so you may just want to ignore me. I am pretty sure everyone else does :lol:
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Dr UhahaMikeDennisonFr_Tom
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I don't mind them, mostly. Some cause a bit of gurgle, sometimes, but nothing I can't deal with.
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Dr UhahaFr_Tom
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Kevin Keith
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I avoid stinger pipes. Maybe the worst pipe gimmick ever conceived, and that's saying something.
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Dr UhahaFr_TomMikeDennison
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I smoke them the way I get them and don't clip. I have Kaywoodies with stingers and some that came stingerless. They all work pretty well for me. If the thing is removable, I take it out.
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Dr UhahaKevin KeithMikeDennison
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never tried them, don't want to, not enough positive comments to induce me to bother on a test basis

i discovered that kaywoodie's opted for stingers versus filters, so i doubt i'll ever have a kaywoodie pipe
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Consider what many guys were smoking back in the day . I'm talking the days before modern black cavendish type blends .I mean , take PA for example .. does it not smoje in a Kaywoodie perfectly fine .. or CH . Sure they do , Now , some thick McClelland flake " cannon balled " ... maybe , msybe not .. I wouldn't know
I just get the feeling that the old blends and cuts worked fine in the stinger pipes . Of the old blends I can recall , I can't think of one that didn't light and burn easy . Hell , even schimmerhorns Bestoval ( cubed ) smoked pretty easy for a cube . All the old school blends , from say IRC .. Like Private blend , Affinity etc ... are a breeze in a Kaywoodie or any pipe really .

If a Kaywoodie seems restrictive , fill a touch looser
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Kevin Keith
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Ruffinogold wrote:
Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:19 pm

If a Kaywoodie seems restrictive , fill a touch looser
My issue with condensers is not restriction. It's gurgling. Sure, they keep the gurgle juice from reaching your mouth (if you don't puff too hard) and keep it all there in the middle of the pipe...where it makes those annoying sounds as if Old Faithful is fixing to blow. I can't smoke a gurgler, I won't. I have about 25ish pipes and not a one gurgles, ever. I think 15 of those are Grabows, then cobs, and a couple of Savinellis and a Rossi or two. I've said it before and I'll say it again...a gurgling pipe is something up with which I will not put.
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Fr_TomDr UhahaMikeDennisonMr Beardsley
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Orliks and Dunhills both come with the aluminum tube. I've always removed them prior to use.
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