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Hello all, I have been buying & collecting Peterson pipes for years & have recently came across a problem I think everyone should know about. My new purchase, a rusticated Peterson Pub Pipe, had a huge burr over half of the opening on the silver band where the stem gets inserted (a rarity with Peterson) I had returned the pipe to to have the problem resolved. Today I received a call from Steve @smokingpipes who said that all of the pub pipes they had have this burr & there was nothing he could do about it. I checked their website inventory and found no mention of the flawed bands in their description of the pipes on hand. I just wanted to leave a warning so no one else gets ripped off like I did. I truly hope this isn't an indication of the quality from the new owners of Peterson...Buyer beware. Happy Smoking.
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Thanks for the heads up OEB.
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Maybe swap it for a Savinelli ?
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