Any member can win the box passes final destination . Read this thread

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So , I got this box pass at my place and I'm gonna pack it up and ship it to whomever . In order to do that , post ... I'm in ... at this thread and o will assign each person a number . I will put the numbers in one of those spinning cage things ( I actually have one ) and pull a number . Whoever's number gets pulled gets the box

Any member can get in on it . I'll keep this thread open a bit so that people will see it and sign up

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I'm in.
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I'm in!
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I’m in.

Thanks Ruff.
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I'll play!
This was a great box pass and lots of fun. Thanks for putting it together!
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I'm in.
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I'm out but I love those bingo devices. I was a regular celebrity bingo caller at the old American Legion post in New London, Connecticut.

Pro tip: to avoid accidentally pinched fingers, wait until the cage stops turning before putting your hand inside.

Another pro tip: to avoid intentional pinching by old ladies, don't be a celebrity bingo caller. I don't think that tip will come in handy during this box pass.
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The whole thing?

I'm out. I don't need that much stuff.
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I'm in, ya buncha non-takers...
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I'm in...goin full circle as it were...
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