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My sole goal with PSF is to create a place where a diverse group of pipe smokers from around the world can safely and civilly share their mutual interests.

Commercial interests posing as forum users is prohibited.

Self promotion and/or advertising commercial interests is prohibited.

Sensitive topics such as race, religion, politics, sexually explicit conversation and/or images, and controlled substances are prohibited.

Plagiarism, cross posting, and posting comments that already appear verbatim on other internet forums or on a tobacco reviews website is prohibited.

Posting links to material relevant to the discussion is allowed, should be obvious to the users what should and should not be posted, and will be monitored by administration for breaches of this code of conduct.

This forum exists for CIVIL discussion.
  • Arguing is part of human nature, and that is fine.
  • Shit talking is fine. We're all men here, except for the women that is. You know what I mean.

There will be zero tolerance for mean spiritedness, personal attacks, or other behavior that administration deems contrary to the well being of this community.

The expectation is that the community will moderate itself. If you receive a caution or warning from administration, you are expected to comply and desist immediately. I promise you that the hammer is locked downstairs in a locked box under the stairs with a stack of boxes on top. If you are being addressed by administration, we felt it serious enough to intervene. The public forum is not the place for you to argue your case with administration. PM the admin member who addressed you and they will allow you to state your case if you feel the need, but the conversation will be brief and you will abide by the admin member's final word.

Thank you for being here and enjoy yourselves!
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