Broken pipe: Steven Books

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I talked with Steven Books about blending over a 2hr phone call a handful of years ago. He told me something I’ll never forget: “Perique adds ZIP to a blend.” I decided to see if a forum search would turn up results but nothing aside from a previous post of mine. So, I found this in a google search…

Sep 4, 2017
From House of Calabash on Facebook:
It with a heavy heart that The Master Blender of Oregon Steven Books passed away this morning after a long battle with advanced prostate cancer. He was surrounded by family and close friends.

He lived a long and full life and will be deeply missed by all that knew him.

The blending will live on, for now I need to focus on the family and will update soon when things will be back to normal.

Thank you everyone for supporting Steven and his family.

There will be a memorial in Portland, Oregon soon, I will post the information here.

~ Eva Books (Steven's daughter & Master Tobacconist)
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Always sad to see a Pipe-Man lost
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Sad news, but thanks for sharing.
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He made some amazing blends . I have a smidge of Grandfathers own that DMKerr hooked me up with years ago . What amazed me about it was it tasted like it was aged 20+ years when it was fresh . Its one of the best blends Ive ever smoked , no doubt , and his stuff really did stand out ... and not in a " taste is subjective " way ... but a no bullshit his stuff really did stand out . It was really expensive stuff too
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