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Ed's generosity was only surpassed by his talent. He made time for everybody and was always encouraging, it angries up the blood but let's remember Ed not the actions of others. I have a Hillcrest 118 from when he was starting to sell off pipes in preparation of quitting and was essentially gifted an Alpha Citation by Tom that Ed had banded, restemmed, and rusticated. These two stand out but I still have some other things and a block of Mulberry he sent me that needs carved yet, it'll be in tribute.


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KK, Thank you for the tribute to our friend.
Ed spent several nights over the years with Joyce and I and we dearly loved him. I've been to his home, saw his workshop and remember that so fondly.
Lots of memories, but I remember that after his first visit to Piney Creek he said.. "Tom and Joyce invited me into their home. For all they knew I could have been Charles Manson's brother".
He loved our back porch early in the morning and I just enjoyed watching him. We see mountains.. he saw trees..
Thanks again KK for the memories that you brought back.. ted
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Ed was a good man. The events surrounding his passing... So sad. Like so many, Ed repaired several pipes for me, including an old Yello Bole I thought for sure was a goner. Such talent. Such kindness and thoughtfulness. More than once an unexpected package would arrive from Ed, with a pipe or an old tin or a full tin from his cellar. I came across some small pipes that looked like Grabow shapes that turned out to be salesman's models or some such and I sent them to Ed. So gracious, you'd have thought I gave him a million dollars. Rest easy Ed.
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Great Tribute Thread
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