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Whats in your cup?
Good ole Folgers decafe for me. Since I quit the booze the regular stuff just gives me the shakes badly.
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Just crawled out from under my rock, thanks to 3 year old who was up sick all night.. I have some Lavazza Espresso that I made in an Aeropress helping to bring me into the present.
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CDM (chicory blend) for me today...
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Folgers Black Silk is what I have every morning.
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Cameron Velvet Moon. I tend to buy single origin coffees, but this Cameron blend is very cheap at Costco, and it's very good. I can taste Sumatra in it, but they've toned it down with other bean so it's less earthy and muddy. This is the best $5/lb coffee I've ever had, so I just keep buying it :)
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One heaping scoop of each in a Mr. Coffee

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Kevin Keith wrote:
Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:42 am
One heaping scoop of each in a Mr. Coffee

AKA Chasing the Dragon.. lol!
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First cup o' the day was Bustelo espresso brewed in a drip pot. That's rugged, I tell ya. Since then it's been Vermont Organics medium roast.
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I’ve been buying the same beans from the bulk bin at the grocery store for a decade. They call it Black Satin, I have no idea who the manufacturer is. Most of their bulk coffee is mediocre but this stuff just hits the spot. Much darker and richer than anything else they have besides French Roast, but not quite that oily. I buy about a pound a week and brew it in a drip machine that uses a carafe to keep the coffee from getting that burnt taste.

From time to time I’ll grab a can of Bustelo or Cafe DuMond for something different in the moka pot.
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I'm blessed in that one of my sons works for a Pete's Coffee. I get all kinds to try and I love it, but I'm definitely a dark roast guy. PS- Starsucks is not coffee.
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